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NZ ADSL outperforms UK and USA

Since TrueNet began operations in 2010, their focus on publishing Speed by Time of Day (ToD) performance has driven NZ ISPs to compete. This is not the case in the USA, or the UK where similar measurements over a longer period have not resulted ...

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ADSL in Goonellabah? You have to 'wait until someone dies'

A GOONELLABAH resident with no ADSL internet was told by Telstra staff they need to ?wait until someone dies? before they can get an available connection.

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UK ISPs Continue the War of Fictional Headline ADSL Broadband Speeds

Customers aren`t likely to notice much of a difference but the headline (advertised) download speed of Sky Broadband`s standard unlimited Internet access product has just been raised again from ?up to? 16Mbps to 17Mbps, even though it`s still the same old ADSL2+ based connection underneath. No doubt more ISPs will soon follow. Most ISPs began [?]

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Vodafone Cable Speed Matches Fibre

A significant improvement in Vodafone Cable file download speeds, and Time of Day performance sees Cable speeds matching high speed Fibre.

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VDSL Gateway brings CPE flexibility to telecom carriers.

Targeting telecom operators, VRX220 single-chip, entry-level xDSL home gateway SoC series features SFF reference gateways on 2-layer PCB with Fast Ethernet LAN ports, 802.11n WLAN, and carrier-grade VoIP. Networking software package, with routing, firewall and QoS, and TR-69 remote configuration, is also included. In addition to full backwards compatibility with VDSL/ADSL lines, features include ...

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Users switching to 4G for home broadband

Industry watchers say home broadband users are increasingly turning to higher speed and lower cost 4G

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Even Rich Urban Appartments in London Struggle to Get Superfast Broadband

The challenge of bringing faster broadband connectivity to the masses is not solely a rural issue and nor is it always a matter of wealth, much as the millionaire residents of the One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge (London) have begun to find out. Sometimes not even buying a modern £20m+ apartment will get you [?]

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Ask LH: How Can I Back Up Online When My Connection Sucks?

Hey Lifehacker, I live in Adelaide and don`t have access to ADSL in my area, but I want to back up my data online. What`s the best way to upload 50 or 60GB of data to Google Drive or Dropbox? More »          

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Telstra internet outage drags on in Wollongong

More than 1500 broadband customers were still without internet connections on Thursday, five days after flooding in the Wollongong exchange disrupted services.

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UPD Average UK Home Broadband ISP Speeds Climb to 17.8Mbps ? Ofcom

The telecoms regulator has today published its latest biannual report into the real-world Internet speeds of fixed line broadband ISP consumers across the United Kingdom, which reveals that the average download rate has risen to 17.8Mbps (up by +17.41% from 14.7Mbps in August 2013). Sadly a huge gap still exists between urban and rural areas. [?]

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